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Hikvision Unauthorized
Distributors Policy
Hikvision USA Inc., and Hikvision Canada Inc. (Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada), sell products only through authorized distributors. We value our industry partners and are proud of the relationships we have developed to help expand the use of our innovative technology products and solutions. Hikvision’s authorized distributors serve as an important link in the Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada value chain by providing excellent pre- and post-sale customer service, including  rmware updates and sales engineering support.
Not every distributor advertising Hikvision products has been authorized by Hikvision USA or Hikvision Canada to advertise or sell those products. We warn potential customers against purchasing products from unauthorized distributors. Unauthorized distributors may be selling products that are counterfeit, used, have modi ed  rmware or are otherwise damaged.
The Hikvision warranty is void, per company policy, on any product that is not purchased through a Hikvision USA or Hikvision Canada authorized distributor.
Purchasing through authorized Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada distributors ensures that you receive the bene ts of technical support, project registration, dealer loyalty programs and advance replacement
of any camera, recorder, monitor, video server, or software, in addition to Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada’s full warranty. Additionally, products purchased through authorized distribution partners have additional customized features and capabilities that distinguish the North American offering.
If you have any questions or concerns about the of cial status of your Hikvision distributor before your purchase, please contact Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada Customer Service at to con rm their authorized status.
Thank you for your continued support of our industry-leading video surveillance products.

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