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Healthcare customers want scalable, cost effective and ef cient solutions that can solve security and technology challenges in a sometimes chaotic and stressful environment. Hikvision has an extensive range of cameras, recording platforms and solutions that  t any type of application, scenario or environment. Patient monitoring, emergency rooms, pharmacies, specialty departments, and restricted areas are all critical zones that require reliable security equipment. Just as we depend on healthcare providers to keep us well, integrators can depend on Hikvision’s solutions to ensure the security of healthcare facilities.
Hikvision offers an unmatched product selection designed to protect educational facilities, students and faculty, all at a value that budget-minded school districts need. High-resolution cameras offer excellent image quality with high value for a market- leading price. Image enhancements, such as wide dynamic range and high de nition video, make our products well suited to capture remarkable detail in exterior and interior settings. Our DarkFighter Low Light cameras provide school districts with clear video footage, even after the lights are turned off and staff and students have returned home.
Hikvision’s Smart Series and Specialty cameras have features and performance that are ideal
for critical security installations, with resolutions
of 12 MP, 8 MP (4K), 6 MP. DarkFighter and LightFighter provide clear images in any lighting condition. Stainless-steel, high impact and weather- rated cameras withstand harsh environments. Hikvision Thermal standard and bi-spectrum camera systems provide advanced solutions for perimeter, temperature monitoring and  re detection. Built-in smart analytics provide pre- and post-event details. Data recording and storage products keep records safe and ready for forensic research.
Shop and restaurant owners as well as nationwide retail chains gain peace of mind using Hikvision’s high performing products to manage loss prevention. These products also provide business intelligence data to give retailers important
insight into business operations and new revenue- generating opportunities. In each camera category are compact bullet, turret, dome and covert varieties, which provide discreet surveillance in attractive packaging. POS integration, heat mapping, and special counting cameras provide signi cant business information. Data collected can then
be managed through Hikvision’s smart recording equipment.
Real Support Adds Value for Integrator Partners
Hikvision has a highly experienced team of sales, engineering and technical support professionals that understand the unique needs of their local and regional SMB and enterprise markets. They are
on the ground, in local markets, and available to back up our integrators when they need them.
About Hikvision

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