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Picking a Central Station Monitoring Company we wanted get a company that had a long track record of dependability with a added benefit of using a company that's was local.  All our Central Station Monitoring is provided by the well known Secureall Monitoring Corporation located in Brick Town NJ.


Securall Monitoring Corporation offers many services that can help us keep our commitment to excellence while providing quality alarm monitoring to our customers. We understand that time is money, and Secureall provides the efficiency we need to be able to provide our customers with quick and accurate service.

More importantly, our customers deserve to feel safe and secure within the confines of their homes, as well as business owners who need the secure feeling of knowing their business is being properly and professionally monitored.

Backup Radio Monitoring

Securall Monitoring Corporation offers several options for backup radio monitoring. Our receivers are equipped to handle different methods of of radio transmissions, including such companies as AES Intellinet, Alarmnet (Honeywell), and Uplink. Below you will find some information regarding each of these companies. Click on the logos and you will be taken to each company's web site.

AES Intellinet

AES-IntelliNet is a leader in the design and development of wireless alarm communications products using patented long-range wireless mesh technology. AES-IntelliNet products are deployed in hundreds of thousands of locations on every continent.

  • AES is a communications link that connects your alarm system to the central monitoring station without wires.

  • AES is a 2-way radio network .which provides benefits not offered by one-way radio. Every message is
    confirmed by the receiver or repeated until it gets through

  • It's better than telephone dial-up systems which are subject to criminal tampering or system failures.

  • It avoids critical paths- a telephone line has a single "path". Many 1-way radio systems use a single path. If
    that path fails the link fails. AES IntelliNet uses multiple paths to ensure delivery of every message.

  • AES IntelliNet uses micro-cell technology to send alarm data between your premises and the central station. It
    works much like a cellular phone system. But unlike cellular the AES only handles alarm and security info.

  • Multiple paths assure that your alarm message gets to the central station. Your alarm messages have a
    choice of as many as 7 paths to the central station

  • Alarment (Ademco-Honeywell)

    Honeywell's AlarmNet has been the nationwide leader in alarm communications technology since 1986. A reliable alternative for the transmission of alarm signals, their radio network provides extensive coverage in the United States and Canada.


    Uplink Cellular

    Uplink provides a secure, cellular link that transmits alarm messages to Securall, giving you the confidence that alarms will be transmitted instantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even when phone lines are down.